About Us

who we are, our vision, and mission


Thank you for your interest in your child’s preschool learning experience at the Camp Curtin Community Preschool.

In response to the need for an early-learning program in Uptown Harrisburg, Camp Curtin Community Preschool was started in February 2015. The school is free to qualifying families and children; a modest tuition is charged for families earning over $78,000 per year.

Camp Curtin Community Preschool works closely with the Harrisburg Area Community College’s Early Childhood Education Program to ensure that the preschool provides a high-quality academic and social curriculum that prepares our children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Camp Curtin Memorial Mitchell United Methodist Church donates classroom space for the preschool. Friends, neighbors and businesses support the school through volunteerism, providing school and classroom supplies and other necessary services as well as by giving financial support. The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank provides breakfast and lunch for the children.

The school operates with a professional, paid head-teacher, a teacher-aide and several volunteer teacher aides. These hands-on individuals are supported by a committed board of directors.

Covenant Community Corporation, a nonprofit organization, serves as fiscal agent for the school.

This generosity has made it possible for the school to grow from 3 mornings a week starting in 2015, to 5 partial-days a week in January 2018.  

Our Vision

Harrisburg children will have access to a high-quality, foundational preschool education regardless of their ability to pay. Community resources will be available to help meet their academic and social developmental needs resulting in each child being prepared for a positive kindergarten experience and a life filled with a sense of belonging and purpose, confidence, excitement and fun, and positive expectations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Camp Curtin Community Preschool is to address the need for an early learning program in the Uptown Harrisburg community, offering a quality, caring and safe preschool environment for 3 and 4-year olds at reduced or no charge.

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